Scotland – June 2022, West Coast and the Inner Hebrides

Duncan and Liz set off in early June 2022 for the best part of a month’s motor-home trip around the western coast of Scotland. The intention was to drift and enjoy solitude, the scenery and wildlife with no planned route. Duncan and Liz have travelled the western coast including the Hebridean Islands numerous times before and hence have knowledge for locations that would provide photographic opportunities.

No caravan or camping sites were used since photo opportunities often occur at places and times that are not aligned with the use of official locations.

The route taken included the Isles of Arran, Jura, Islay and Mull as well as much of the mainland western coast, This is shown in the screenshot below of the route tracked by the PolarSteps app.

For most of the trip the weather was predominantly dry however it was very grey with low cloud thus reducing some of the landscape opportunities hoped for; however, numerous images of Neolithic sites and wildlife were taken. A few of these images are included in this blog. A more comprehensive set of images can be viewed here, where you also have the opportunity to download and use these.

Isle of Arran:

Isle of Jura:

Unfortunately on this trip, Duncan and Liz did not see any otters on Jura. The location chosen has previously allowed Duncan and Liz to photograph otters and although there was fresh otter scat none were seen.

The gallery below was from one from a previous visit:

Isle of Islay:

Mainland – Argyll

Isle of Mull:

Highlands – North West Coast:

Central Highlands and Stirling:

A more comprehensive set of images taken on this trip can be viewed here, where you also have the opportunity to download and use these.