Elgland, Innlandet County, Norway




Elgland, Innlandet County, Norway A unique elk (moose) migration takes place every spring and every autumn between the lower areas west of lake Mjøsa – and the higher areas in Espedalen, Skåbu and Murudalen areas west of Gudbrandsdalen valley. This migration counts up to 500-700 animals every year. As the snow begins to fall in October/November, many of these individuals begins their up to 50 km migration north-west to the winter ranges located in Murudalen valley. In opposite to other moose migrations in other parts of the world – the elk wander to spend the winter at high elevation – and wander back to the low elevation in the Spring. The elk are highly faithful to their migration routes – and in this area they have been following the same routes for 10000 years!

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